Love thoughts of our frenz

Suresh Arunachalam | 7:53 AM | 2 comments

என் நாட்குறிப்பை
நான் அறியாமல்
ரகசியமாய் திறந்து
அவள் நினைவை
Every should fall in love one day but wen it is suspense machi........i know everyone like love but act like hate the love becoz of our fear in love....eventhough u not like love if ur frend fall means y u support if there is any problem in their love na??????? love is a nice feeling but 2 whom is a problem in the who loves u....just clike the love da u get may things abt wat our frenz think abt love nu


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  1. dai..yaaruda intha pulamai kirukkan...????

  2. yaaruda intha kirukkan...?????