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my college days


சில  மறக்க முடியாத  நினைவுகள்:
பிரசன்னா ராம் : most important  person in college life i learn manythings from how 2 

lend money from others without shy. v enjoyed a lot in our college days, in 1st year i don't have touch 

with him true say means i don't know even name of him becaz i'm come 2 col properly days passed,,,,,,,,, 

v reach 2st year v 2 became frenz lightly just for name shake.At time of IV v became so closer because v 

hve a habit of.....  v 2 dance in the bus 2 distub others...after iv over v share everythings abt us most 

forgotable happens is his LIC lab university exam mama i never forgot da i know wat happen tere 

nu,,,,,,,,,,tat special day come in our life ,,,a gal of our class wear a white chudi & sit infront of 

prasana,,,,,,,on tat sathya narayanan  tell sme beautiful words about tat 2 prasana ,,,,,,still i remember da 2 

know wat call me i tell da,,,,,,,,,then university exams get over v became rank holders of our classs (ethu 

public use so nly accept ) v reach our final year.....u also busy in angel dress....then 2st IV v planned 

sucessfully tat IV i know wat u done in the bus stand da u f.......appuram nee naa sathishj 

bullent pd ellorum morning 4am adina dance,,,,,,,,,,super da 
at the first half v r behave as good guys but i don't know da how chnge our targets nu da.......tat chnge 2 

saravanan i think da,,,,,,,,,,appuram teasing of gals start u became best friends of praveen friend,,,,,ur 

white chudi matters published to all...u act like hero but wat 2 do comedy herova pooita.......

chinna dout da u lve her da????????????????????????????????i need ur reply 

hello guys coming days i going 2 write about u 2  so be in touch be ready next post i abt true happens of 

prasana status



if u willing to write about anyone get pasword for me machi 

i trust u all
miss u allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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