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solo photo taken gal

hi machi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  hve u guess the name .....if not call me k va,   she is the  most funny creator  in our classs becoz v enjoyed more by teasing her wth others specially saravanan,p...........still i remember some dialogues of saravan abt first saravan.p only show tat gal 2 me and tell tis beautiful word"dai super irukura mari illa da"......then sudhanthan conduct a voting list abt gals in our class 2 compare who is best nu (Note:he wants her partner 2 win but lose wat 2 do??? true always true) some happens only i remember becaz  i don't have touch wth those who hve touch wth her ....
           siva kumar solo photo  rex feelings...hey don't think wrongly wen.... siva give photo rex is also wth him but siva ask him to go..dai anuty nee enna da appadi pannu na? then puppy agree her as sister............tat was a most funny events becoz still 7sem he say she like her releation nu but not not say wat releationship nu......but unfortunately he reveals tat true 2 us in 8 sem
         atlast great lie by seliesh in party u all know wat he told stupid beggar....true is angel .....if it hurts 2 scold call me 97866644.......
take care 
miss u all

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