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vidhya marriage

OCT-26 is happiest & sweet day becoz  tat day is vidhya marriage v r gather once again after college finished.....v share our missing by hve a hug ..tat  small hug mke us 2 feel how v love each other nu then v hve a fine dinner without non veg....together start 2 tease ourself one by one...really tat was a great time in our history....v all went 2 wish vidhya by keeping gift in all hands which is taken from already received ....nearly tat 4 hrs v don't know how tat pass nu then everyone ready 2 return for their regular work.........v start 2 move one by one by saying a bye without tears and interest........then v ,puppy, tommy,udaya,vanchi were move 2 watch home at night 11pm v talk more abt our college life once again...suddenly at 12.18pm a call from pd 2 share his missing by saying goodword.....really enjoyed tat 3min becoz after a 6month gap i get a call form him & sathish,arul bullet at night.....mama tats our style of sharing da i miss u really.............da mama...tat a kavithai by puppy 
                               yen thookathai maraka cheithaval 
                               yenai yen maranthalo  
i don't y he say (getting sms from unknown no at tat time)
                                             OCT-27 v get from bed at 10.30 after a hve a lng discussion still late night then v planned 2 prepare nonveg and v start cook withoput knowing how 2 cook nu ..moreover v finished our cooking at1.30 and had a breakfast& iunch together....eventhough tere no taste in food v eating togetherly tat mke us 2 happy

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