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Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times

                                                   Hi Frends i'm willing to share my personal Experience of reading this book. Actually my sister present this book for my birthday.I didn't realize what a treasure it would be. After Finished college i have lot of time to be alone so just for time pass i start to read but now it stays in the drawer beside my bed. It's simple and wise


                                             "Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times"-David Viscott. Each and every words in the book are running in my mind when negative thoughts arises in my mind .Trust me it's really good but reading once it may not make a difference,but by reading again and again. I'm sure it will make a big difference in your life. 

some quotes which i impressed

                           -when you don't accept yourself ,the truth become your enemy

                          - people often friends when they suffer through a difficult situation together

                           -You are only human and you make mistakes. Whatever you are, just admit it. Admit your humanness . It's always a sign of strength.

                           -I show my hurt when i am hurt so i can feel love  the rest of time 

                           -The person who loves you loves you because he/she loves you. That's it. No further explanations are needed. No explanations make sense of love

Further post i will discuss with one by one topics of the book

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