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what is the difference between love and respect..?

                              You can look up respect and love in a dictionary and find the answer . Is that what you want to know..? Do you want to know the superficial meaning of those words, or the significance behind them..?
                     When a prominent man comes around, a minister or a governor, have you noticed how everybody salutes..? You call that respect, don't you..? But such a respect is phoney because behind it there is fear, greed. You want something out of the poor devil, so you put a garland around his neck. That is not respect; it is merely the coin with which you buy and sell in the market. You don't feel respect for your servant or the villagers, but only for those from whom you hope to get something. That kind of respect is really fear; it is not respect to all, it has no meaning. But if you really have love in your heart, then to you the governor, the teacher, your servant, and the villager are all the same; then you have respect, a feeling for them all, because love does not ask anything in return

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