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6340 - Mumbai Express

Missing Day of My Life : 8-dec-10

                                                A person who first put his hand on my shoulder in college as friend is satheesh alias puupy..tis day puupy is leaving his home town and shift pune for his job in patni computers..
                                             wth missing feelings of sathya he reach the erode railway station at2.00pm for the mumbai express which is going to arrive at 3.30pm.But due to his sin(becoz of mokkai) train become late for 6hrs 15min..wen he hearing tat and sankar reach the station wth lot of feelings"innum 6hrs indha mokkai kuda irukanuma"...........koduma..den a half hour shamugapriyan,keerthi came 2 sndoff him.

fuuny events in tat 6hrs

                                           we take puppy 2 hotel near station and order 2chicken briyani ,soup,cool drinks for us and a cup of coffee for puppy. becoz we know very well tat he has smeproblem,(.......) in morning wen eat heavy food..wht stomach burning he pay the bill Rs263..

                                            Aft tat we wait in the reservation counter room..suddenly a transgender hve a cat walk 2wards us & clap ask money.But i don't wat he/she think nu suddenly he touches the body of the sankar...sankar threatened and give him the bulk amount 400 paise...she/he wished  sankar "soon u get married"...den see start to touch the chin of shamugapriyan puppy start to run....finally she wished  thay too as "AeaE nee romba nalla iruppa

                                            It crass nearly 6.00pm our class nokia officer "Mr.sombu" reaches the station & cross us wthout seeing , tke platform ticket and search us in platform ( ivan ennaikku thirundhuvaan) 
                                           Beat entertainment in the station is tat touch screen system..2 check the train status..v played by giving the train no for every 2mins..atlast it hanged 

                                          finally the mumbai express reach the ersode junction at 9.30pm...den v tke sme photo in platform and buy sme snacks for him...sndoff him atlast by saying " machi take care"



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