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when your friends succeed...?

 I Am Happy For My Friends'happiness.
Sharing Their Happiness Is My Happiness

                                 We all wish our friends well but not that well.Don't putofff by this. You're only human. You want your friends to succeed,  but when they do and you are not sure of yourself ,you fear being shown up. when you feel down about yourself, it's easier to tolerate hearing about a friend's misfortunes than his or her successes. Because your friends are closest to being like you, their success makes you question yourself. "why not me???"you ask. we all feel this way.
                                Nothing alienates people quiet like success. When people become successful, they discover a sad and unexpected truth. It is lonely at the top. Your friends need to celebrate their success without feeling that they are intimidating you and to share their failures without your taking secret satisfaction from them.Allow your friends to confide thier success in you without becoming envious of it or asking to participate in it.  
                                Jusy say "no one deserved it more You'll probably be right  You'll certainly be a friend

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