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Be Your Own Person

People who say they cannot be their own person usually claim that someone else is keeping them being themselves.
How can that be true? How can you be anyone but yourself?
When you are afraid to risk, you stop being your own person. Then you become the ward of anyone who will protect you.
Unfortunately, the person who protects you expects you to behave like the person he or she feels you should be, the person he or she rescued you to become.
If you're afarid of being your own person, you're probably afraid of taking care of yourself or being on your own.
If some should want to accompany you, fine; but the purpose of choosing your own way is to keep accompany with your own best, not to rely on the strength of others.
Accept your independence and the loneliness that comes with it by being willing to go it alone, not in defiance, but as a choice.
If you're afarid of being your own person, you're probably afarid of your anger. You feel you have to hold it in or else you might offend the person you depend on for your survival, or run the risk of being thrown out in the cold if you express yourself.
So you hold your anger inside, and after a time it turns inward. Then you hate yourself for being weak, inferior, not being your own person.
It's a vicious cycle.
You're never trapped if you're your own person.
You may make mistakes but you're free to correct them.
You may hurt others, but you feel strong enough ti love again.
Save yourself
Just do what's right for you.
Express yourself.
Find your life and live it.
If you cannot act in your own best interest, you cannot act in anyone else's

                                  I AM MY OWN PERSON

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